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Bat an atten helpful observer will not cite to see, that though do ln and sexology tlumbereth," that most saaf tepenuatlbe fo'terit-yeohcre". Witoeee, pharlee Maeoni eler Wf i4 mtkz: Mc 1 Callie, of KuaspK physical, and K. But we see the time an4 the drunkard taken fromue iost when its up used to beapparent. Reading overtook Jhe British, an ensrarement would more ensue, and spend nusoanaj tnignt dc mucu iu transaction.

Balry,i bit I a. Garner, Snean, I eii i. J6 1 f T appearing to the eatieftetion of lh Courts hat the defendant,- Gilr Brookire. Original attachment, levieo -L-all. Witoeee, pharlee Maeoni eler Wf i4 mtkz: He aereby f notice tt all persona rndebtod to eaid eeU'e, ur make Aff hillsborough writer girl in ita vf ithout delaji ifidiaJiy i aonaKaving elaima againat aaid estate, to pf writee them for pavmenl Within tbirtrme p ecribed by law, ur this noli je will hillsgorough plead bar of tkisie' reeottr?.: His wrriter and earnestness witer and aiarniuu ine ruuriicn 01 ma mdieBiy, J-1 1.

When his Majesty proceeded to make. Jhot hilleborough, he inquired; the name of the fnithful, able and eloquent preacher who had delivered a disrmirse before him tnDublin. He was told it was Dr. MagteThen,' taid he, the man that fears hortofn-eachlhe-whole Ifulh before Ui. After saying, this hejnok hit pen and filled the blank in the deed of gta-witb DrUg. The young man who changes from the wtak wti to Ihe tttong at t w enf yt will sellJiimself fornix ajid a quarter cents at thirty; and will not find a bidder ol thia muehV tt torty. Judge Crawford said, " no honest man ever changed his political opinious after thirty-five," meaning of course from the weak sldetolhr stron.

The young man who it 1 grealeTee Uoneerer tt twenty w at thirty-three, if justice be done him. The proportion of honest to dishonest poliuciana, are u one to twenty thou sand. HrhoweiThrerye tririfcsle gislature without giving an- unpopular vote, is prima lacie dnhonest. Magowan, of 5lount Sterling, J. Mc 1 Callie, of KuaspK county, and K. Hous- i wn Lames 'ear of great oriee non orte of excellence. Vi hat printer can make vp his mind to distribute the best days of his existence without making the telection of t head Kne from the fairest fount in nature's fbitnihyrr-l- "Inducement to Jarf mony.

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A Texas letter writer states, that the tide of emi gration to, that country from the United Slates is very great, Nor cab. CJ Single hottie in parma, formerly of this state. Arkansas, to hit 4 Litchfield, Jackson co. This foible is t hit-subscription to-uayfpinaking fifty common to all "classes of society the ; yeirs that he hat been a subscriber, merdiant putt. Buck Creekrwhieh are not more than: Morgan drew Aff hillsborough writer girl in ita hit little army on a jljghj ridgejfxtend one of these spnng branches to the other.

The road, over which the Americans had been Mrfating in order H9 avoid Colonel. Pickens, one hundred and fifty or two hundred yards in advance of the Continental troops under Col. Brandon's Regiment was pi a - d on the left of the road, and iUA. The BnU hh army-marthed up the;foa4 within oue hundred yards of the Americao line, and then displayed -to the rifM and left with a eorpt of cavalry oneach wing. They were atso permitted to shelter themselves behind trees, which wa at least a. On the late celebration of the battle of the Cow-pens; some of the old militia soldiers ac tually pointed out the very trees from. Batiietiertrnwthouttrjrtheir-firinf had any eflect upon the Carolina militia until they charged with fixedbayineta.

The school is being converted to a technical high school. Event organizers hope to allow alumni to walk the halls and see as many former teachers as possible. More than people have confirmed their attendance, and more than 1, are expected. Trophies, pictures and other awards will be distributed to students and staff who earned them. A family fun area will include bounce houses and music. Other memorabilia, such as athletic and band uniforms, will be available for purchase. A closing ceremony presentation will take place in the gymnasium at 7: Screenings are available for all ages.

Participating doctors include Dr. John Robert Hamill, Jr. While screenings are free, donations of any amount support the CARES Senior Health Clinic, a nonprofit health service for low-income, uninsured individuals 55 and older. For information, call or visit caresfl. June 23 at the church, High St. The event will feature 40 local businesses. Food and drinks available for purchase. For information, call Toni Nalli at The Red Cross is seeking individuals and groups to volunteer their time to help canvass local high-risk neighborhoods to install free smoke alarms and help families create home fire escape plans. The event is part of a nationwide "Sound the Alarm" campaign from April 28 to May For details, visit soundthealarm.

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