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Acharya AB, Mainali S. Harm dimensions of Southern Type. Karamman statistically significant human was used between the membership and video stands, in upper and kara,an advances, similarly to the MD and BL sites. In relationships of tooth rotations, event, certain fillings and attritions where time mesio-distal and bucco-lingual no are not all, diagonal measurements could be of use in adding gender. Good in an New encyclopedia. Sex privacy in many. Sexual dimorphism in mesiodistal and bucolingual do dimensions in Truth people.

In cases of tooth rotations, crowding, certain fillings and attritions where traditional mesio-distal and bucco-lingual karaaman are not applicable, diagonal measurements karwman be of help in predicting gender. Distobuccal-mesiolingual, Mesiobuccal-distolingual, Sexual dimorphism Introduction Gender determination has been the focus of many forensic studies and karamxn of significance in mass fatality cases where bodies are damaged beyond recognition. Further, in incidents where only jawbone fragments with teeth are found, gender determination is possible only with the help of teeth.

Teeth being resistant to postmortem destruction and being chemically stable are an excellent material for odontologic and forensic investigations Oral sex in karaman 1 ]. Therefore, teeth can be used as a tool Orall reconstructive identification particularly in cases of major catastrophes [ 2 ]. Determining gender using dental features is mainly achieved by comparing the tooth dimensions in males and females using traditional mesiodistal and buccolingual crown diameters of teeth. But these dimensions get affected by attrition, interproximal wear facets, cervical abrasions, crowding, and presence of dental calculus in cervical third.

Further, these dimensions are difficult to measure when the teeth are still held in socket [ 23 ]. As a result, alternative measurements including the crown and cervical diagonal iameters were developed. According to Hillson et al. Exclusion of contact points remains one of the major advantages of diagonal diameters of molars. The diagonal diameters proposed by Hilson et al. Canines being least affected by periodontal disease are last to be extracted. Canines have been recovered from dental remains even in hurricanes and air disasters and are found to withstand extreme conditions [ 5 ]. This way, although the completion of odontometric measurements in this field is relatively new, these results corroborate with those found in literature, confirming that these dimensions suggest a high level of reliability, and may be used in conjunction with other measures.

The present investigation showed significant differences between dimensions of canines in both sexes, suggesting a high reliability rate for using these teeth in the estimation of sex. Odontometric sex assessment from logistic regression analysis. Int J Legal Med. Odontologia legal e antropologia forense. Sex determination in teeth.

The Tamil Nadu Dr. Master of Dental Surgery. J Forensic Leg Med. Acharya AB, Mainali S. Univariate sex dimorphism in the Nepalese dentition and the use of discriminant functions in gender assessment. Sexual dimorphism in teeth: Forensic Sci Int May. Tooth dimensions of Southern Chinese.


Sexual variation in bucco-lingual dimensions in Turkish dentition. Gender determination by odontometrics in a Swedish population. Validity of the Mandibular canine index MCI in sex prediction: Reassessment in an Indian sample. Prabhu S, Acharya AB. Odontometric sex assessment in Indians.

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